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🠈  Fishlake National Forest  🠊

Established in 1907, Fishlake National Forest is a massive 1.5 million acre national forest spanning sections of 9 counties in Central Utah.

The forest is named for Fish Lake which, being one mile wide and six miles long, is Utah's largest fresh water lake.

The National Forest has headquarters in Richfield and District offices in Beaver, Fillmore and Loa.

The forest includes the Tuschar Mountains with peaks reaching 12,174 feet high and incredible array of scenic delights including Big Rock Candy Mountain.

The most abundant trees in the forest, according to The Rocky Mountain Research Station (pdf) are Pinyon-Juniper, Aspen, Spruce-Fir, White-Fir, Douglas-Fir, Oak, and Engelmann Spruce.

The most famous resident of the forest is a quaking aspen grove called Pando. Pando is a clonal aspen tree that is estimated to be 80,000 years old. It covers 106 acres and is estimated to weigh 6,600 short tons. Pando is one of the oldest and largest organism on the planet!

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